Boulder Homeless Women's Initiative

We meet Thursdays from 1:30 to 4:00 p.m. at St. John’s in the St. Francis Room.bhwi2

Mission Statement:

Boulder Homeless Women's Initiative provides a safe and welcoming place for women who are or have been without shelter to experience God's love and acceptance. We also provide a setting for individuals and organizations interested in filling gaps or improving services to hear directly from the women about their needs. The BHWI support group is process oriented and a ministry of Patience. God’s love and care creates a welcoming and safe place for ladies to be week after week. Slowly they regain self worth because we believe all were created in God’s image and God’s innate goodness.

Voucher Program

The BHWI Voucher Program started in July 2014, whereby ladies receive credit of $10/hr. for community service. The credit is redeemable for bus passes, recreation center passes for showers, grocery and Target gift cards. The goals are:

  • To assist women in moving forward in their lives. Bus tickets provide transportation to government offices, mental health, housing agencies, etc.
  • To gain experience in the work force again, and improve self-esteem.
  • To develop responsibility and self worth.
  • To provide a safe place for women to be supported and feel part of a caring "sisterhood."

The Voucher Program is supported through donations. We also receive one-half of the loose plate offering for one month from St. John’s.

Comments From Women In The Group

  • I am so thankful for the group support and love I have received.
  • I have deep joy again from gardening and not being on the streets.
  • I have moved from the streets, to The Shelter, to the Transition Program, then to
  • my apartment. It took over a year and lots of hard work, but I did it!
  • This group has brought life to me and restored my soul.
  • My life has been enriched.
  • I slept in bushes with animals and men attacking me. I was offered support and accepted it. I have gone from wanting to die to wanting to live. I now can help someone else a little bit and make a difference in their life. I have self-worth now. I have housing.
  • My dignity shrunk and is slowly coming back.
  • I feel loved when I come to the meetings.

Rev. Deacon Jan Dewlen