St. John’s Nursery provides a safe, caring environment for infants, toddlers and children up and including age 4, during the 9:30am service on Sundays. Parents complete a registration form prior to leaving their children, and sign their children in and out, including cell phone number if applicable. Whenever possible, parents are asked to have cell phones available and on vibrate in case of emergency.

Nursery care is available from 9:15am until 15 minutes after the end of the service every Sunday. Childcare is also offered during some Adult School programs (11am – Noon).

For more information, contact Caroline Melby, Director of Faith Formation, at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or 303-442-5246, ext. 107.

Register your infant using either the online or the printable form which can be accessed via the box on the left hand side of this page.

OUR SAFETY POLICIES include the following:

  • Nursery caregivers and Sunday School teachers  and volunteers are carefully screened and are required to attend training in recognizing and preventing child abuse.
  • Children’s ministry staff members work in teams so that there are two adults present with the children.
  • Children in the Nursery are signed in and out each week by parents or other authorized adults.
  • Classroom doors are made of glass for easy viewing and are always unlocked when children are meeting.
  • Parents can help us keep our children safe by:
    1. Registering their children promptly, including accurate contact information and information about their children’s special needs or other concerns.
    2. Remaining on the St. John’s campus while their children attend Sunday School or other children’s events.
    3. Letting Children’s Ministries staff know where to find them in an emergency.
    4. Picking up their children immediately after Sunday School or other events.