Safe Church Policies

Safeguarding God's Children

All clergy, paid staff, and vestry members are required to have current certification in the diocesan programs Safeguarding God's People (SGP) and Safeguarding God's Children (SGC), except nursery caregivers, who are required to take only SGC.

Other parishioners who have more than five (5) contacts per year with vulnerable populations (children, youth, infirm, handicapped, elderly) or who supervise St. John's groups on any overnight activity, are also required to complete Safeguarding God's People and/or Safeguarding God's Children in accordance with the job descriptions of their particular ministry/ministries. These volunteers include, but are not limited to:

  • Eucharistic visitors
  • Hospital visitors
  • Pastoral ministers
  • Catechists and Sunday school teachers
  • Youth group leaders and volunteers
  • Mission, pilgrimage, and lock-in chaperones

Other Policies

In addition, St. John's requires volunteers to fill out a standard application form, have a face-to-face interview, provide references, and consent to a background check.

We also adhere to other policies designed to help keep our children safe:

  • At least two adults are scheduled in each classroom.
  • Children are signed in and out each week.
  • Classroom doors are kept locked when not in use.
  • Doors have glass panels that enable the room to be observed from the outside.
  • The director of faith formation (or their designee) makes random checks of classrooms during programming.
  • Any suspected child abuse/neglect is reported immediately BOTH to Child Protective Services and to St. John's leadership (rector, the assistant priest for family ministries, and the director of faith formation).
  • Classrooms are equipped with telephones that can be used in an emergency and that also serve as an intercom system for safety announcements.