stjfam2013-16What is Second Sunday, anyway!?


Second Sunday is a unique Family Sunday, full of worship and fellowship designed with kids in mind—by kids and for kids! It is held on—when else?—the Second Sunday, throughout the year; the term ‘Second Sunday’ is used to indicate this special, family day.



The 9:30am worship service on Second Sunday is tailored to children and youth, and has specific themes each month. Most times, these themes follow the lectionary calendar; sometimes, the service incorporates St. John’s traditions.

Second Sunday at St. John’s is different than other Sundays!

  • The length of the service is short: from 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • There are no Sunday Morning Faith Formation programs (Sunday School, etc) on Second Sunday
  • Choristers perform as the main music ensemble, October-May
  • Children play instruments during the sending song
  • Decorations in the sanctuary, altar linens and bulletins are created by children
  • No adult sermon is preached; a children’s homily or story is preached
  • Children are involved in writing and leading the Intercessory (Prayers of the People) Prayers
  • At least one children’s hymn or piece of service music is sung by the congregation during the service
  • The altar is set at the chancel steps for standing communion stations
  • Children are invited up to observe closer, help set the table and join in the hand movements of the Eucharist
  • Gospel readings and other lessons are translated into “kid language”
  • When possible, lessons from Sunday School programming are weaved into the service
  • Children share ‘An Episcopal Moment’—a two minute fun factoid about the Episcopal tradition
  • Youth create interactive prayer stations to be set up in the Sanctuary
  • Children and youth are invited to play and sing offertory music during some months of the year


Following worship on Second Sunday is Second Sunday Fellowship: programming and activities in the 10:30 to 12 o'clock hour, for children and parents. This is an opportunity for children and families to meet and play; the courtyard and parish hall are exclusively reserved for Second Sunday Fellowship to encourage connection within our St. John’s family and visitors! We serve HEALTHY coffee hour snacks and programming and activities for children and parents. Oftentimes, the activities are in preparation for the next month’s Second Sunday service.