2016 Pledge Campaign and Online Giving Q&A

What does my pledge or gift mean to St. John’s?

The promise to give a certain amount allows our vestry to plan how we use our resources.  Making that commitment is also a way for you to use your money in a way that reflects your faith and values.  Every general pledge or gift, no matter how big or how small, contributes toward the operating budget of St. Johns. This funds staff salaries, ministry activities, keeping the lights on, etc... For 2016, we have a pledge goal of $875,000.

What has giving been like at St. John’s over the past few years?

Over the past few years, giving has been down. As of August 31st 2015, however, giving is up 16.5%! This is fantastic. We have a goal of a 20% increase to reduce the deficit and we are on the right track.  Over the past few years, St. John’s staff has worked hard to create and meet a very lean budget. We have to go back to 2007-2008, to see a budget, and giving, that is similar to where we are today.

How can I make a pledge to St. John’s for 2016?

By turning in a pledge card. Either online or by turning in a physical card.

What is the best way to my fulfill pledge?

The best way is whatever works best for you. New this year, we have linked with Pushpay to handle online giving. The goal is to make giving easier by automating the process. The benefit to St. John’s is that this automated process should flatten the big dips that occur during summer months when attendance, and thus giving, decreases.  However, you can always fulfill your pledge via check if that works best for you. This can be given in the basket every Sunday or you can request envelopes to mail your check in.

If I use Pushpay, are there fees?

Yes, but not to you. St. Johns pays the fees and they are essentially covered by the pledges themselves.  There is a monthly administrative fee plus transaction fees. The general mix on transaction fees is about 2% but the specifics are:

  • ACH (checking autodraft)= 1%
  • Debit card= 1.5
  • Credit card= 2.5%

How can I create a Pushpay account?

Go to the St. John’s website. Click on the “Online Giving” page. Click the “Easy Pledge” button. If you have ever purchased something through Amazon, you will find this even easier.  Or, you can text “77977” with “sjboulder” in the text. This will allow you to download the app to your phone. The benefit of this is that you can now also give to the collection plate this way by selecting a one time gift.  You may use a checking account autodraft (ACH), debit card or credit card.

If I create a Pushpay account, do I also need to fill out a pledge form, either online or an actual card?

Yes. We ask that you do that this year. This allows us to more carefully track incoming gifts and double check our new system. We should have that worked out by next year so this extra step won’t be necessary.

Can I use Pushpay for recurring payments as well as one time gifts?

Yes. Once a recurring payment is set up you can also use Pushpay to make one time gifts. For instance, you may choose to do this for the collection plate on Sundays. The easiest way to do this is by using the Pushpay app. Making a one time gift should not affect your recurring payment.

If I set up a recurring payment, can I choose when the payment occurs?

Yes. You can even select the start date. For instance, you may choose to start your 2016 pledge on January 1, 2016. Similar to most other systems, however, there is no end date to select. You must choose when to make changes to the account.

Will I receive an email confirmation about my transactions?

Yes. You will receive notices when transactions have completed, a credit or debit card expires or for any other reason the scheduled transaction could not be completed. In addition, when you make a one time gift you will see on the screen that the payment has been submitted.

Can I designate where my one time gift goes?

Yes. Currently, there are two options: General Offering and Loose Plate. We can add to that list at any time.