mosaicbwSunday Services

St. John's has three 'Sunday' services, one on Saturday evening, and two on Sunday morning. Each of them offers a different worship experience. All three services are centered on the Holy Eucharist.

5:00 pm  Saturday - Service in the Chapel of the Holy Family

A Eucharistic service that blends elements of Evening Prayer with Holy Communion. The service is based in part on the Church approved liturgical supplement, Enriching our Worship 1. The music is Americana, typically live gospel bluegrass.

During clement weather, the congregation is invited to join in fellowship, singing and (for those so inclined) jamming with the musicians on the patio in front of the chapel.

7:30 am - Service in the Chapel of the Holy Family

The Chapel is located in the center of the St. John’s campus, between the larger stone sanctuary building and the education wing. The service bulletin will lead the visitor through the liturgy, referencing page numbers from the Book of Common Prayer (1979), found in the book rack on the backs of the pews. Please note: there is no music at this service and, unlike traditional Episcopal liturgy, there is a brief reflection in lieu of a sermon.

This is a quieter service, with the liturgy seldom changing. As such, it becomes easy to enter into the rhythm of worship from week to week.

Following the service, which generally lasts less than an hour, attendees typically head off to breakfast together—at either Panera on 30th Street or to The Egg and I on Baseline & Broadway. Simply ask someone after worship and join in. It’s a great way to meet people.

All visitors are welcome to join us for communion. The chapel is also open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. for prayer. Visitors are welcome to light a candle at the prayer stand. (A donation is requested for use of the candles.)

9:30 am - Rite II Holy Eucharist, in the Main Sanctuary

This Rite II liturgy honors the traditions of Anglican worship in a historic and traditional worship setting. The beautiful architecture and colorfully stained glass windows of the church combine with the voices of the St. John’s choir and the enveloping chords of our pipe organ to add depth and texture to the liturgy.

On the second Sunday of each month, Sunday School is not in session and families are especially encouraged to bring children and youth to our special Second Sunday worship in the church. This is not just “family friendly” worship; it is “kid-focused.” Children help create the altar cloths, the floral arrangements, and can write and lead the prayers and readings. Homilies on Second Sundays are specifically designed to appeal to children, employing art, story, and music. Children are invited to gather around the altar and help celebrate the Holy Eucharist, which is drawn from the Church of Ireland’s liturgy for use with children. Choristers, our children’s choir, performs at our Second Sunday services. Young instrumentalists often offer music as well. Hymns are sing-able by children, and percussion instruments are usually handed out so kids can make a joyful noise to accompany the closing hymn.

Our wonderful Sunday School curricula for elementary-aged children runs concurrent with the 9:30 am service, as does our nursery and our programming for middle school students and teens. Those parents who wish to have their children in church with them are welcome to do so. We have coloring/activity books and crayons, as well as a selection of toys in the Narthex. There is also a comfort area in the Narthex for parents who wish to comfort fussy little ones.

There are several unique Sunday celebrations that occur throughout the year including the Blessing of the Animals (in October), the Christmas Pageant (in December), and Kirkin' o' the Tartan, a celebration of all things Scottish and of family in its broadest sense (usually in early May). In addition, we bless gardening tools in the spring, Sunday School teachers in September, and candles and chalk (for do-it-yourself House Blessing Kits) in early January on the feast day of Epiphany.

All visitors are welcome to join us for Communion. All visitors are also welcome to any of the literature located on the table in the church lobby (narthex).

Gluten-free wafers are available every Sunday on request. Simply ask the priest. On high holy days, alcohol-free wine is also available on request. Hearing assists are available to those who wish them. Ask an usher and they will provide you with one.

If you are visiting St John’s please be sure to take a “Welcome” bag. It’s a small bag filled with great information about our parish. Pastor Susan and Father Ted make it a practice to meet with every newcomer who is interested in learning more about St John’s or about the Episcopal Church. Just call the church office to get on their calendars!