Contemplative Evensong


All are welcome and encouraged to attend Contemplative Evensong for a little mid-week spiritual refreshment!  The service lasts about 35 minutes and is conducted in the Chapel on Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm from September through July.

Historically the Anglican Evensong Service has placed emphasis on devotion rather than teaching.  There is only one reading from Scripture and there is no sermon.  As a part of the Divine Office, it acknowledges the sanctity of time and our interaction with it. At the end of a working day, we have the opportunity to quiet our minds and open our hearts. St. John’s Contemplative Evensong Service encourages us to also be prayerful without words. The chanted prayers and psalms, as well as the hymns and sacramentals, help prepare us for longer periods of silence where one might simply rest in the presence of God.

The Contemplative Evensong service incorporates elements of traditional Daily Evening Prayer, Anglican Evensong, and Contemplative Prayer:  Prayer, music, and silent contemplation. The basic structure is that of abridged and modified Daily Evening Prayer: Rite One where the service is led by a cantor who is assisted by an acolyte and a reader of the lesson for the day. The cantor and people chant the versicles (such as the Invitatory, Psalm, Magnificat), prayers and responses in simplified Anglican chant, and sing a closing hymn.  Each element is followed by a period of silent contemplation by all in attendance