Yoga In the Church


Yoga In the Church

Yoga in the Church is suited to all ages and ability levels!

Led by Kundalini Yoga Teacher Jacob Rudolph, these yoga classes will be fun and joyful opportunities to liberate suppressed energies––––like fear, anger, and hopelessness–– and grow spiritually. Through the Presence of Christ and methodology of Kundalini Yoga, attendees will deeply de-stress as well as open up to their highest potential. Those interested in furthering their healing journey through the mind, body, and the path of the heart will find themselves right at home at Yoga in the Church.

Attendees will need to bring their own yoga mat and blanket–– a cushion for meditation too, if desired. All water bottles must have closed lids and all minds must have open ones. These classes will be accessible to anyone, regardless of physical ability.

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