Social Action Ministries

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Social AcGon Ministry (SAM)

Members communicate (primarily) via email to learn about immigration and racial injustice issues and take action, such as contacting legislators or supporting pertinent non-profit groups and initiatives with gifts of time or money. Members also work to teach others about these issues and to encourage them to action.

Contact: Marti Dever

Soup Kitchen

Volunteers work together in the parish hall and kitchen on the first Sunday of every month to prep, cook and serve a hot meal (plus to-go sack lunches) to about 100 persons who live without shelter. Volunteers work in shifts, morning to midday. Additional volunteer opportunities are available to assist St Benedict’s Health and Healing and visit with guests.

Contact: Mark Biggers  

Whittier Neighborhood Pantry

Volunteers serve (on a rotating basis) once a week at the church’s household and personal care products pantry, giving (Whittier Elementary) families in need the opportunity to restock at the pantry once a month, thus allowing their limited dollars for food to stretch a little further. The ability to speak Spanish is not required, but is highly desirable.

Contact: Christine Werking  

Gun Violence Prevention Social Action Network

Members communicate (primarily) via email to learn about gun violence prevention efforts and to take action to support them, such as contacting legislators and attending rallies and other events that raise public awareness. This ministry is neither “anti-gun” nor “pro-gun” but, instead, focuses on prevention, safety and education.

Contact: Kathy Ashworth or Beth Smith

Climate Change Social Action Network

Members (including those from other local churches & faith traditions) work to educate themselves about the impacts of climate change, take action to advocate with legislators for sound climate policy and also educate others through seminars and guest speakers.

Contact: Nancy Iverson

Locally Haiti (formerly the Colorado Haiti Project)

St. John’s has been a supporting parish of Locally Haiti, a community development organization initiated by The Episcopal Diocese of Colorado, since 1989. Locally Haiti provides support for St. Paul’s Parish in Petit Trou de Nippes, part of the Diocese of Haiti. Programs include support for parish programs, St. Paul’s School, agricultural education, girl’s empowerment, clean water, health and local leadership.

Contact: Dan Mellish or see 

Community, Equity and Inclusion Working Group (Inclusive Communities)

Volunteers take actions to support and celebrate diverse cultures within our community, including Indigenous, Black and Hispanic communities. These actions include fundraising for Whittier Pantry which provides supplies for families in need whose children attend Whittier School, increasing membership and participation in the Boulder Chapter of the NAACP, engage in advocacy, education and action to improve social mobility and quality of life for Indigenous Americans in Colorado and educate our Parish about contributions of Hispanic, Indigenous and African American icons of social justice.

Contact: Marti Dever  

Caring Neighbors Ministry

St. John’s volunteers help provide meals and community support for unhoused people in Boulder. This includes assisting with Boulder Bridge House’s Community Table grab-and-go dinners Monday-Friday, augmenting St. John’s Soup Kitchen services, and offering services and support at the soon-to-open Boulder Homelessness Day Services Center. This Ministry will encourage and train volunteers and other parishioners to safely and respectfully interact with people experiencing homelessness and abject poverty. Volunteers will collaborate with other Boulder faith communities to serve our unhoused neighbors.

Contact: Pat Daviou or Cate Colburn-Smith  

St. John’s Food Insecurity Committee

The committee actively supports the monthly St. John’s Soup Kitchen, leads parishioners and other community members in providing regular volunteer help at organizations such as food banks, food pantries, food rescue and meal programs. In addition, the committee coordinates special events aimed at lessening food insecurity in Boulder County. Whenever possible the committee works to provide volunteer opportunities for youth, children and family participation.

Contact: Wayne Grider