Worship Ministries

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Verger Guild

For in-person Sunday services, vergers are the “logistics wizards” who keep things running smoothly. For our Zoom services they serve in likewise fashion, helping maintain a quiet and secure environment. Training is available.

Contact: Mhari Peschel  

Acolyte Guild

Children ages 8 and up are eligible to serve as acolytes at our principal Sunday services, carrying candles or the cross in procession, and assisting at the altar. Training is available. Children serve in teams. This is a great opportunity to learn about our liturgy and faith and to grow in confidence and maturity.

Contact: Mhari Peschel  

Usher Guild

Working in teams of two, ushers greet Sunday morning worshipers as they arrive and help orient newcomers. Ushers pass the offering plates, guide people to receive communion and work with the verger to ensure a safe and smooth-running service.

Contact: Steve Scheidker  

Contemplative Evensong

A Cantor, Acolyte and Reader take turns leading a 30-minute service at 5:30pm Wednesday evenings in the chapel. Training is available.

Contact: Amy French

Saturday Night Sacristan

Volunteers serve on a rotating basis at the bluegrass service on Saturdays at 5pm. For this intimate service, the sacristan acts as the usher, lector and Eucharistic minister and also assists the bluegrass musicians with their setup. In the summer months, the sacristan sets up refreshments on the patio as the musicians treat attendees to a post-service mini concert.

Contact: Mark Guzzi  

Yoga in the Church

Led the second Monday of the month by Kundalini Yoga Teacher Jacob Rudolph, these yoga classes are fun and joyful opportunities to liberate suppressed energies, such as fear, anger, and hopelessness, and grow spiritually. Through the Presence of Christ and methodology of Kundalini Yoga, attendees will deeply de-stress as well as open up to their highest potential. Those interested in furthering their healing journey through the mind, body, and the path of the heart will find themselves right at home at Yoga in the Church.

Contact: Jacob Rudolph