Membership at St. John’s

What does it mean to be a member of St John’s Episcopal Church?

 No matter where you are on your faith journey, or where you are from, or what questions and uncertainties you have, you are always welcome at St John’s. We are a community of faith that has assembled to make the journey of faith together. You need not be a member in order to worship with us or to participate in our ministries. When you feel ready to become a member, please see one of the clergy or contact our Parish Administrator.

  1. Members of St John’s actively welcome everyone who walks through our doors. Members introduce themselves, engage visitors in conversation, invite them to fellowship hour, and assist them if they are unfamiliar with the liturgy.

  2. Members of St John’s pray regularly, for themselves, members of their faith community, and the world.

  3. Members of St John’s care for one another, even those with whom they disagree.

  4. Members of St John’s yearn to learn; they attend classes and lectures to deepen their knowledge and love of God. They also commit to a course of self-directed Christian education.

  5. Members of St John’s work tirelessly for positive change in the world, either through a ministry of the church or through a community-based charitable organization.

  6. Members of St John’s are evangelists! They talk about their church — its ministries and its people. They can (and do) articulate what being a member of this worshipping community has meant to them.

  7. Members of St John’s attend worship services on a regular basis. The Canons and Constitutions of The Episcopal Church state that “communicants in good standing have been faithful in corporate worship…and in working, praying, and giving for the spread of the Kingdom of God.” [1.17]

  8. Members of St John’s don’t consider church a “spectator sport.” They give their time, talent, and treasure to further the work of the church, by:

    1. participating in at least one ministry that utilizes their gifts

    2. pledging [planned regular giving] because they know it is important for the church to be able to match a budget with its vision