Ministries Related to Worship



An altar attendant in public worship, a server. At St. John's our acolytes are 5th through 12th graders and serve at the 9:30 am Sunday service.

Altar Guild

The purpose of the Altar Guild is to assist the clergy by providing for furnishings and decorations for all services and by caring for the vestments, linens, and vessels used in these services.

Eucharistic Visitors

St. John's has a dedicated group of ministers trained and licensed by the Diocese of Colorado. After Sunday services, these Eucharistic Visitors take Christ's body and blood to individuals unable to attend church due to illness or infirmity. If you would desire a visit from a St. John's Eucharistic Visitor, to receive more information about home communion, or if you would like to serve as a Eucharistic Visitor, please contact Tom Brewster.


Lay ministers who lead the congregation in offering prayer for the church, the community and for the world, individuals in the congregation. The prayers are collected from the Book of Common Prayer, the “Intercession for Christian Peoples” and extemporaneously while following the form as presented in the BCP. This ministry is open to youth and adults of the congregation who are skilled in public speaking and have been instructed by the Clergy. Please speak with a Clergy member about your interest in becoming an Intercessor.

Liturgical Servers

St. John’s Liturgical servers read the lessons, lead prayers and when licensed as a Chalice Bearer and/or Eucharistic Visitor by the Bishop, serve the Chalice at the Eucharist. 


Lay ministers that present the assigned Scriptures for the day. The responsibility is to proclaim the Word of God by reading from both the Old and New Testament at our church services throughout the year. When serving at the 7:30 service the Lector acts also as the Intercessor. To be a Lector you do not have to be licensed and anyone (youth or adult) that loves reading the Scripture and has a good speaking voice can be a Lector after a short training session led by the Choir Director. Please speak with a Clergy member about your interest in becoming a Lector.


Ushers at St. John's greet parishioners and newcomers as they come into church, hand out bulletins and offer hospitality. Ushers help with seating, directing people to communion and assisting those present as needed.

verger guild

The Verger Guild at St. John’s, in reporting to the Rector, is responsible for the physical liturgy of and preparation for the church services as well as the safety and comfort of the congregation.