Help Reveal the Face of God


St. John's 2020 Pledge Campaign

 Our goal: Raise $900,000 in pledges by December 31, 2019

The face of God is reflected in all Creation. Every element of Creation—every microbe, flower, bird, tree, river, and animal—reveals some aspect of the face of God. Human beings are created in the image and likeness of God and we too reflect an aspect of the divine face. Genesis 1:26 “Then God said, ‘Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness;’”

We can think of our life’s journey as the quest to find that divine image residing in our deepest selves, to call it forth, and to offer it to the world. When we do this we mirror the very face of God to a world yearning to see it, and in so doing we live in the kingdom of heaven here and now.

This is sacred work and all of us at St John’s are engaged in it in some way. Our ministries of worship, learning, care, and social action shape us and shape our world. At St John’s we learn to both see and be the face of God. And one day, we shall see God face-to-face and shall recognize him as a friend, and not a stranger.

Giving generously to St John’s supports this sacred work and helps assure we shall leave the world better for our having been in it. You have the power to reveal the face of God that is within you. St John’s supports you in that journey; please support St John’s. May God’s own face shine through you this day and always.

The Rev. Susan W. Springer, Rector

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+ Throuh ministries we reveal the Face of God

To love another person is to see the face of God. -Victor Hugo**

Face-to-Face with God

  • Five weekly services of Holy Eucharist
  • Acoustic Prayers for Evening (Sat.night)
  • Choral Compline
  • Solas Celtic Service
  • Contemplative Evensong
  • Choir
  • Choristers
  • Verger’s Guild,
  • Acolyte Guild
  • Lectors
  • Wednesday Bible Study

Seeing the Face of God in Ourselves

  • St. John’s Intentional Community
  • Christian formation for ages 3 to 103
  • Centering Prayer ministries
  • The Rector’s Pen
  • Daughters of the King prayer ministry
  • Bible study groups
  • Education for Ministry (EfM)
  • Foyer dinner groups

Seeing the Face of God in Others

  • Coffee Hour
  • Welcome Shepherds Ministry
  • Usher Guild
  • Eucharistic Visitors
  • Flower Delivery Team
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Healing Prayer Team at Sunday worship
  • Whittier Elementary Partnership:
  • Household Supplies Pantry
  • Children’s book drive
  • Tutoring
  • Knitting ministry
  • Many community groups using our facilities

Seeing the Face of God in Creation

  • Solar Panel Array on our campus
  • Gun Violence Prevention Ministry, Climate Change/Creation Care
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Colorado Haiti Project
  • Immigration Ministry
  • Church campus as historic community icon
  • Garden Guild
  • Hiking Ministry

+ In 2019/2020 with God's help we plan to:

Mission priorities for 2019/2020

  • Use our Vitality Survey results to shape our mission priorities
  • Expand the Whittier Pantry to serve 40 young adult residents of the Attention Homes apartment project
  • Find additional ways to serve, support, and mentor the 40 you adult residents
  • Expand our Yoga in the Church classes to reach young people in the Boulder community
  • Establish a young adult fellowship ministry
  • Continue to expand depth and breadth of faith formation programming for children

+ How to give to St. John's

Pledge first…

Fill out a pledge card. If you didn’t receive one in the US Mail, you’ll find pledge cards in the pew racks and on the table in the narthex. Complete one and place it in the offering plate or give or mail it to our Parish Administrator, Heather Dudok. We’ll also be emailing you a pledge card which you can complete and email back to us. You can also find a pledge card on our website (Click here). Our secure site will convey your electronic pledge card to us.

Then Pay.

Pay manually by check, cash, or credit card. Or, set up secure automatic payments thru our affiliation with PushPay. You can arrange for a recurring charge to your credit card or a recurring deduction from your checking account. Using PushPay is easy; it’s the way our busy clergy make their monthly pledge payments to our church. To set up PushPay payments click on the link below. Be sure to tell us if you wish to pay weekly, monthly, quarterly, or on some other schedule. Please also let us know (by checking the box on your pledge card) if you wish to receive information about remembering St John’s in your will with a legacy gift.

+ If we are each made in the divine image then we are each made to be generous

God the author of diversity has infinite faces, so revealing the face of God takes EVERYONE!

Nearly 1400 people call St John’s their spiritual home and for that we give thanks to God! We ask every person to contribute so that we can continue to offer the beautiful worship, thought provoking formation, opportunities for selfless service, and the care of a loving community of faith. The task before us is to raise $900,000 for our 2020 operating budget

As we call for all to participate in our pledge campaign, we ask that you:

  • ask God to guide you to make your pledge with a heart full of love
  • make giving to St. John’s the top priority in your charitable giving
  • ask God to help you grow in giving by pledging or giving more than last year
  • endeavor to give weekly, monthly, or quarterly if possible in order to assure a steady cash flow for the church
  • endeavor to meet or exceed a minimum goal for giving: either 5% of your gross salary or the national average pledge of $2,626

+ How your money is spent: Overview

The money you entrust to us is managed with love and care by our Finance Committee, Vestry, Clergy, Lay Staff, and Ministry Leaders.

Copies of our financial statements are available on request.

Below is an overview of how each dollar you give is spent.

  • $0.27: clergy leadership: worship, teaching, pastoral care, administration
  • $0.15: children and youth: staff and supplies
  • $0.14: office and administrative staff: staff and supplies
  • $0.14: building and grounds: staff and supplies
  • $0.13: outreach
  • $0.09: music: staff and programming
  • $0.08: parish life, ministries, fellowship and pastoral care

+ Your gift has the power to reveal the face of God

Even if you are not engaged in ministry at St John’s and even if you can only attend on occasion, you still have an important role to play.

Every dollar you give helps support our campus, staff, and programs so our well-maintained buildings and grounds reflect the beauty of God to our community; so inspired preaching, soul-lifting music, and the sacraments are always available; so human passions for social justice can find traction; so people can be cared for at threshold times in their lives; so children can be spiritually formed and nurtured; so those seeking a spiritual home can be welcomed as friends.

We may not think that putting money or a check in the offering plate reveals the face of God. We may not think of texting a donation via a Smartphone app or setting up an auto-pay deduction reveal the face of God but they most certainly do. God is revealed anywhere and any time there is generosity.

In that spirit then, throughout this campaign we’ll let you (and God) know each Sunday during the worship service (at the Offertory) how God’s face is shining in our church.

It’s been said that when God blesses us financially, we’re not meant to raise our standard of living but rather our standard of giving.