St. John’s Financial Health

St. John’s Financial Health

Dear Friends in Christ,

When we began our Transition journey, we were advised to be vigilant about our Parish health as many congregations experience a drop in engagement and/or funds.  This is typically related to the uncertainty of the path ahead.

To date, we really have not  been impacted in this way.  Our energy and engagement are high, and we seem to be enjoying our journey together. 

However, we just have experienced our first significant shortfall in funds.

As of September 30, our YTD revenue has not met our budgeted revenue.  You can see this in the graph provided monthly by the Finance Committee:

Until now, we have been close to budget even though we have had other months where giving did not meet expectations.  This is because giving in the early part of the year was extremely high.  

You can help by ensuring that your pledge is up to date. We urge you to generously support us so that we may continue to be the Parish we all envision.

As always, please contact us at   if you have questions or comments.


The Transition Communications Committee

Dan Becker, Kathy Fox, C.J. Joplin-Jack, Andrew Miller and Sue Morse