What is a




What is a transition?

Currently, St. John’s is in the middle of a transition period. This is a time of self-reflection and looking forward as we discern who we are and the kind of person God might be guiding us to call as a leader. As shown in the image, the major steps of the transition are:

1) Transition Begins
2) Interm is Called
3) Parish Profile Process
4) Search Process
5) Interviews and Discernment
6) New Recotor Called

Learn more about each step below!

Transition Begins

We celebrated our time with Pastor Susan, and said goodbye as she begins her next chapter. The Vestry creates a communication committee, who is tasked with providing updates to the church throughout the transition period

Interim is Called

 We called our current Interim Rector, Pastor Stephanie, to be with us as we navigate the transition process. Pastor Stephanie’s role as the interim rector is to help us answer the major questions: what kind of church is St. John’s? What are the gifts of the laity and clergy? What has been our story up to this point, and what might it be moving towards?

Parish Profile Process

We just completed this step of our process! Our Parish Committee has produced the Parish Profile, which you can find here. The Diocese of Colorado has taken this and posted it for rector candidates to view.

Search Process

We are now in this step of the process. Our Search Committee has been established, and we are now waiting for applications to be provided to us by our Canon for Transition and Wellness.

Interviews and Discernment

As candidates are selected, we will begin interviewing them and discerning if they might be our next leader

New Rector Called

The final step and end of the timeline! The new rector is called, and we all celebrate and look forward to the future.


Tranisition process complete!

Parish Profile

Parish Profile Committee members include:

Ed Kase, co-chair |
Sarah Kiefhaber, co-chair | 
Carol Callicotte-Belmon | 
Laura Ferenc, chaplain | 
Kathi Grider |
Betsy Shears | 
Connor Stricklan | 

What is a parish profile?

A crucial step in the process to find and call a new rector is to create the parish profile. This document describes our church, who we are and what we envision for our future.

How is it created?

The vestry has formed a committee to produce the parish profile. The process for creating the parish profile is as follows:

  • Gather information from the congregation about what they value about St. John’s and what they hope for our future;

  • Understand the history of St. John’s; (upcoming)

  • Draft a parish profile; (upcoming)

  • Share the draft profile with the clergy, vestry, congregation, staff and diocese;

  • Revise the profile and send to the diocese to be posted for rector candidates to read.

Where can I find more information?

Transition Communications

Keep up to date on all all things transition via our transition communications

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