The vestry is the elected body within the St. John's congregation that, with the clergy, leads the parish and acts as stewards of St. John's. The vestry helps to discern the vision toward which God is drawing St. John's, articulates and communicates that vision, holds the community accountable for its realization of that vision, and keeps the mission of the Church and that of St. John's clearly before the parish community. The vestry also has the responsibility of managing and monitoring the finances of St. John's and approving decisions regarding personnel, major initiatives, and other significant activities of St. John's.

We invite any interested parishioner who has been a member of St. John's for at least six months, to consider running for the Vestry. Please contact the Senior Warden if you are interested.

The Rev. Canon Lucy Amerman Vestry Chaplain

The Rev. Canon Lucy Amerman
Vestry Chaplain

Michael Weatherwax Treasurer

Michael Weatherwax

Joanie Heard  Senior Warden

Joanie Heard
Senior Warden

Richard Ackerman Junior Warden

Richard Ackerman
Junior Warden

Wayne Grider 2017-2020

Wayne Grider

Kathe Lujan 2017-2020

Kathe Lujan

Linda Morgan 2017-2020

Linda Morgan

Vanessa Thorsten 2018-2021

Vanessa Thorsten

Stephen Christopher 2018-2021

Stephen Christopher

Sue Morse 2018-2021

Sue Morse

Paul Logan 2019-2022

Paul Logan

Steve Tilson 2019-2022

Steve Tilson

Peggy Scheidker 2019-2022

Peggy Scheidker