Led by the Holy Spirit, St. John's mission is to inspire people
to grow into the heart and mind of Christ by engaging together
in worshiping, serving, and spiritual formation.

Christmas Service ScheduleChristmasSchedule

Christmas Eve Dec. 24 -- All services include carols & Holy Communion

2:30 p.m. Bell Service -- Jingle bells for little ones to ring; Music by the St John’s Choristers

4:30 p.m. Family Service -- Children’s homily and music by Youth brass ensemble

7:30 p.m. Service of Peace -- Homily; Contemplative instrumental music

10:30 p.m. Principal Service -- Homily; St. John’s Choir; incense

Christmas Day Dec. 25

10:00 a.m. -- Christmas Day service w/music


StewardshipPrayerPrayer for Stewardship

Lord, during our fall pledge campaign when we seek to fill the net so that we might be fed and feed others, please help us to pray: God, the world is hungry for you. You draw into your church those who are ready to be fed, and yet for many walking through our doors is entrée into a world unknown. Give us the eyes to spot those who come seeking, the hearts to help assuage their discomfort, the smile to reassure them that you are, you are good, and that through the Holy Spirit you are present. Help us to receive them with kindness and joy, so that if they are meant to journey with us for a time, their feet find a sure place in our community of faith. Help us to live awake and aware, from a place of quiet confidence and not fear. With gratitude we pray. Amen.


View the details of the 2018 Stewardship Campaign here.

The Whittier "Giving Tree" GivingTree
November 19th to December 18th

Instead of our annual Book drive, we will be collecting items for the children of the Whittier Pantry. There are 2-4 kids in each family for a total of 50 children. The needs will be presented on a tree in the Rotunda. Examples of needs are: Children's pajamas, shoes, and winter coats.

We are asking for new items only. Please bring the item(s) back to church unwrapped with your tag.

Contact Caroline Melby Director of Family Faith Formation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

St. John's Christmas Pageant!ChristmasPageant

Our annual Christmas pageant is Sunday, December 10th, at the 9:30 a.m. service. The pageant is one of St. John's most beloved traditions, and it's something your children will remember forever.

Rehearsal and costume distribution is the Sunday before, December 3rd, at 11:30am in the church. Children who want major parts (Mary, Joseph, Gabriel, the star, and the three kings) must attend rehearsal. Parts will be assigned by age, with older children choosing first by 11:45am. If your child wants a major part, please be at rehearsal by that time.Other children will be angels and shepherds.

We will meet in the Nave at 11:30 to try on costumes, assign parts, and do a quick pageant run-through to help everyone know what to expect. Afterward, we invite the youth to join us for a lunch of hot dogs and s'mores. We will finish no later than 1:00 pm. Please plan to collect your children from the basement Youth Room (you can park in the parking garage and come in through the door up the ramp).

Saturday Night Bluegrass Worship ServiceFolkMusic

Our Saturday evening worship service begins each week at 5:00pm in the Chapel. Please join us for a contemplative Eucharistic service featuring Americana music with a bluegrass trio. Following the service, enjoy a brief concert and sing-along. This service lasts approximately 40 minutes. All are welcome!

Please note that Saturday evening worship will not occur on the following dates: November 25 (Thanksgiving weekend), December 23 (Christmas weekend), December 30 (New Year's weekend).

Join Us for Evensong Evensong

Contemplative Evensong meets every Wednesday evening at 6:00 pm. from September through May. Participants are welcome to join the cantor in the beautiful, meditative chant. Includes short periods of silent prayer. Please contact the office at 303-442-5246 for more information.

earthAn Environmental Moment

Have we humans permanently changed the Planet?

We invite you to read how our own former Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Shori reflects on this question when she addressed a CU campus ministry-sponsored event earlier this month. Scientist, priest, and passionate voice for climate change and care for the Earth, Bishop Katherine holds, in addition to her MDiv, degrees in biology and a PHD in oceanography.  Bishop Katherine sheds some welcome light of the Cosmic Christ for our weary world in her speech, entitled, Cosmic Faith in the Anthropocene Age*1

We invite you to consider signing the enclosed petition, “Don’t Repeal the Clean Power Plan

(1) Anthropocene age. According to www.smithsonian.com , the age we are now living in that some scientists place at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, early 1800’s, and significantly compounded in the 1950’s with the advent of the Atomic age. it is defined by the undeniable impact we humans have on the environment that is causing a new geologic epoch.

Grocery Card Programgrocerycard

Thanks to the good work of Janice Moore, Caryl Stalick, and Jim Podolak, and to the efforts of 26 parish households, the Grocery Card Ministry earned $350 in its first month of operation. By the end of April, the team had sold at cost 57 King Soopers cards, each pre-loaded with $5, and 9 Safeway cards. You buy these cards from Janice, Jim, or Caryl, load more money onto them at the store of your choice, use them to pay for your groceries, and St John's earns a 5% reward!

If one month is typical, then those 26 households would earn St John's over $4000 in the course of a year!

  • If 100 households participated, then St John's could earn $16,000!
  • If 200 households participated, then St John's could earn $32,000!

Bear in mind that nearly 500 households call St John's their spiritual home. Obviously the benefit to our church could be substantial, so we'd like for all parishioners to participate.  If you'd like to buy a card, please bring cash or check and see Caryl, Jim, or Janice at the Grocery Card Ministry table at the Ministry Fair on Sunday August 27th. They can provide information and answer any questions you may have.

On behalf of the Vestry and Finance Committee, thank you to everyone who supports our church by shopping with a King Soopers or Safeway Grocery Rewards Card!

SchoolWhittier Pantry at St. John’s

St. John's, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!   Thank you to the many parishioners who either brought items in for the Whittier Pantry or made a donation to the Pantry!! We are now open for business.

Your Pantry will serve many Whittier families with children who need a little extra assistance with the basic needs of life. Thank you for caring!

Deacon Jan (303-775-6796),  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

StJohnsSolarSolar Power for St. John's

See a real time graph of St. John's Energy usage.


The solar project for St. John's will now have its own section on the St. John's web site at www.stjohnsboulder.org/solar .  This page has been updated with extensive information on the solar project, including a very interesting time-lapsed video showing the construction project, as well as a link to a set of static images.   Watch this space and visit the page often for project updates.

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