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in worshiping, serving, and spiritual formation.


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The St. John’s Solar Project

A small group of motivated parishioners was looking for a way our church, St. John’s Boulder, could be solar powered. We wanted to set a visible sign of our faith by providing a piece of the solution to our world’s glowing climate crisis. We wanted to be good stewards of Creation, now and for future generations.

As low-cost as solar photovoltaic had become, installing an array was still a capital investment, which could be a tough hurdle. And with St John’s being an historic site in Boulder, there was concern about an installation being even possible. Could we even put up panels? Did we have enough space on the newest part of our building?

With the blessing of the clergy, St John’s created a Solar Study Group of parishioners who embarked on a fact-finding mission about solar. We quickly learned from a local installer that we could fit 25 kilowatts on the roof of the new wing of our building, helping us to get past the regulations of our historic designation. We learned about the different kinds/generating capacities of panels and their costs.

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